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World Fame 10 Astronomical Aircraft Hangars

Hangar is a Secret Room that hidden the Aircraft from different type of Satellites.
It is a Steel Room where you can hold Aircraft easily. It protects Aircraft from Weather as well as from Sun Light. It is mostly built with Steel and other Metals.
Banyan Steel Arch System is used for making of Hangers. This system is Durable Arch Structures that are beneficial for Aircraft Hangars.

1. British Aerospace (Hatfield)

It is a big hangar with 80 meters and height of 20 meters. A plant of constant heating temperature and a system that protects from fire are working in this amazing hangar. Electricity doors operated and also have anemometer that controlled cut outs to prevent opening in high winds.

2. Dubai International Air Port (U.A.E)

It is the busiest air port of the world and also the big hangar of air crafts. It…

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